The Riace Bronzes in Brussels

From the cradle of Mediterranean to the capital of the "new Europe": on the occasion of ICS Europe 2014, the international preview of the exhibition "Raccontare la bellezza", with the images of maestro Mimmo Jodice


The sublime harmony of the Riace Bronzes, two of the most important masterpieces of classical art, and the timeless photos of an undisputed master of Italian photography come together in the heart of modern Europe for an exceptional artistic and cultural project.

The photo exhibition "Raccontare la bellezza" preview to be held in Brussels on the occasion of the ICS Europe 2014, will reveal for the first time to the international public the fascinating, exclusive photographs taken by Mimmo Jodice on the occasion of the "return" of the two statues in the renovated Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria after a long restoration, which restored their ancient splendour.

The initiative, which is part of the communication campaign for the promotion of tourism and the image of Calabria Region, will enable ICS to show also in Brussels, capital of the new Europe, the exceptional product of an encounter - to use the words Jodice - "long overdue."

A special thank to Calabria Region.

Mimmo Jodice

One of the greatest Italian living photographers. With his unique view, through the lens, he has been able to grasp the core of the classical and Mediterranean culture, giving new life to the artistic heritage and its centuries-old beauty: from the everlasting ruins of Pompei to Canova’s golden ratio to arrive, nowadays, to the sculptural grandeur of the Bronzes as an exemplary proof of the contradictions and the potentiality of a country such as Italy, which is more than ever before called on to enhance its beauty.


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