Ferzan Ozpetek: "My Mediterranean language"

Are there codes, symbols, narratives that are shared between Europe and the Mediterranean? Is it possible to identify a common language? Here’s the opinion of Ferzan Ozpetek, the Turkish director whose privileged narrative keys are feelings and dialogue between cultures

Interviewed during the preview of his last picture, Red Istanbul, filmed in his homeland Turkey, the Italy-based director Ferzan Ozpetek reflects on the power of storytelling in getting peoples and cultures closer: “Is there a Mediterranean language? I would say so, and I really like that definition. I think that there is a particular way of telling things, that affects all levels of the narrative. In my filmmaking activity, I often used music as a narrative key; in my latest picture, filmed in Istanbul, which is a city full of noises and sounds, in many scenes I chose not to use a soundtrack: I used the real sounds of the town, and that has changed my way to communicate”.

“Through my films – Ozpetek says – I want to share values ​​and emotions with people, regardless of success at the box office. When they tell me that they have seen one of my films even ten times, that’s a triumph for me, it’s like winning a very important prize. And I can feel this recognition, made of emotions, in Italy as well as in Turkey”.



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