ICS Europe 2014

24 Sep 2014 ore 11:45, Bibliotèque Solvay - Brussels

The new European “Rinascimento”

The future of Europe lies on its cultural heritage

Culture, identity, memory: Gurus’ turn to speak

Highly complex and actual topics for the ICS summit Europe, that has witnessed the participation of big names from the World culture committed to a multi-voice reflection over the value of heritage for Europe.

Spike Lee, the most eagerly-awaited guest of the event, has discussed about essential elements for an incisive storytelling of social realities. On video call from the United States, the award-winning filmmaker has reminded that: 

The biggest risk in life is to forget the collective history. To me, a country is made of its people, to tell a country, a soul, food, fashion, the language, we need to go back to the source: the people, the sole and unique source of inspiration 

On the same wavelength, Michael Dobbs, bestseller writer and creator of the cult series House of Cards 

In order to re-appropriate the concept of Europe, we do not have to look for different ways to bring people closer to institutions, but rather to bring the institutions closer to the people. We need to re-embrace and strengthen our cultural values. The consumer citizen or voter has to be once again the king

Franco Pomilio, ICS Chairman, focused the attention on this very same aspect: 

We have developed new theoretical patterns based on the communication between Institutions and citizens - services end users: such an important communication for the future of Europe that needs to be based on values, culture and arts

Stephen Clark, Director for Relation with Citizens at the European Parliament, has shown the Institutional activities dedicated to the enhancement of European heritage, starting from the “The House of European History”.

An articulate presentation of the Google Cultural Institute ’s project has been offered by Simona Panseri (Google Italia).

Yasser G. Aref (Library of Alexandria) has described the project IAM – International Augmented Med to promote innovative ways for the fruition of the Mediterranean cultural heritage. 

The semiologist Stefano Jacoviello has presented the project Inherit –Panspeech of the University of Siena that uses the crowdsourcing  for the enhancement of the heritage.

The moderator has been Barbara Serra, one of the most popular anchorwomen  of Al Jazeera.


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