Spike Lee and Michael Dobbs at ICS Europe in Brussels

The panel of ICS Europe continues to be enriched by the great names of contemporary culture: the world famous African-American director Spike Lee and cult writer Michael Dobbs bring their authoritative view on stage at the summit sponsored by Pomilio Blumm

Now in its second edition, ICS Europe confirms its international status and its cultural importance in the panorama of world events on communication. The stage of the summit will host experts the likes of  Spike Lee and Michael Dobbs.

The famous African-American director, versatile personality engaged in various fields of culture, will enrich the debate focused on our cultural heritage with the peculiar sensibility of his gaze: it is considered one of the finest performers of our time, able to narrate with a rare intensity the values ​​involved in  interracial confrontation. An authoritative point of view on the political role of  memory will be offered by Michael Dobbs, English politician and writer, creator of the cult series "House of Cards," considered by Times one of the heirs of the narrative tradition of Shakespeare.

Another main speaker of the event will be Bishop Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. Stephen Clark, Director Of Relations With The Citizens of the European Parliament, Yasser G. Aref, Head of Architectural Studies and a member of the Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Stefano Jacoviello, Scientific Director of the project # Inherit – PanSpeech will also take part. The event will be moderated by Barbara Serra, anchorwoman of Al Jazeera English.



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