Jimmy Nelson and André Singer: memories and values at risk

Invaluable memories of tribal communities worldwide: to explore this great diversity and discuss the worth to preserve the common values they express, photographer Jimmy Nelson and filmaker André Singer met in Italy for the Oscar Pomilio Forum 2015


Institutions and storytelling: the ESF in the Italian region of Liguria

The European Social Fund supports employment and social inclusion. One of the areas that have better used these resources is the Italian region of Liguria, which has chosen to tell the results achieved with an unusual narrative formula


Investigative journalism: the new anti-corruption frontier

Investigative journalism and high quality reporting are more and more essential to fight corruption. More needs to be done but technology seems to be the key support for the cooperation between journalists, public and policy-makers at EU and national levels


Blumm Prize Next Artists: and the winners are...

Launched in 2012, the Blumm Prize Next Artists is now at its fourth edition, which has just concluded last March 8th in the beautiful and prestigious setting of the Ex Aurum in Pescara, during the Oscar Pomilio Forum event



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