Investigative journalism: the new anti-corruption frontier

Investigative journalism and high quality reporting are more and more essential to fight corruption. More needs to be done but technology seems to be the key support for the cooperation between journalists, public and policy-makers at EU and national levels


Unmask the corrupt: a social media campaign against corruption

Launched by Trasparency International,“Unmask the corrupt” is the global campaign against the confidentiality of ownership structures and the easy way the corrupt escape justice and exploit the proceeds of illegal activities. Conceived as a social media campaign, it is the echo of collectivity against corruption


Perceived corruption: a global alarming picture

Released last December 3rd by Transparency International, the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) portrays an alarming world overview, showing a high level of perceived corruption that could seriously jeopardise the economic growth of all countries


Public integrity: a legacy to be recovered

From Cicero’s “sense of the State” to the initiative for the adoption of the Freedom of Information Act and the appeal to a greater civic-mindedness for a better "use" of transparency: the reflections of Davide Del Monte, the Director of TI-It, at the last ICS




ICS Editorial

Design is a thought activity: we should not replace it with a mere “optimizing” approach, because it’s from imperfections that talent emerges.


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