Transparency in Europe: the commitment of candidates

Transparency International has addressed to candidates in the European elections a petition for greater transparency and accountability of EU institutions: about 500 agreed to the initiative. The phenomenon of corruption, as evidenced by the reports published by the Commission, is diffused

76% of Europeans say that corruption is widespread: according to 56% of the citizens, in fact, the phenomenon has greatly increased over the last three years, and one European out of twelve (8%) affirms to  have witnessed or been the subject of cases of corruption in the previous year. For 70% of the European population, also the EU institutions appear corrupt.

These are some of the conclusions drawn from the results of the first "Report of the European Union on the fight against corruption," published by the Commission. On the basis of data presented by the report, Transparency International has proposed to all candidates in the European elections in each Member State, a petition to promote greater transparency, accountability and integrity in the institutions, policies and laws in Europe.

About 500 candidates (21 in Italy) decided to join the campaign launched by several European chapters of TI: subscribers to the petition that - following the elections held between May 23 and 25 - entered the European Parliament agreed to form a transparty and transnational working group and to cooperate in the establishment of new rules and practices of transparency and anti-corruption.
The cooperation will focus on governance and legislative process of the European institutions, on a greater transparency and integrity of public expenditure and on the promotion and protection of the whistleblowers.



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