ALAC, a portal against corruption

Transparency Italia launches the “citizen-friendly” portal to break down the wall of silence raised because of the fear of reprisals and the growing distrust in the system. Confidential, anonymous and top security reporting to prevent illegality

Only 56% of Italians report witnessed or acknowledged corruption episodes, against an average 71% of reports recorded in the rest of Europe. Breaking down this wall of silence is the purpose of ALAC (Advocacy and Legal Advice Center) – Allarme Anticorruzione, Transparency International Italia's portal, which guarantees complete anonymity.

It is fear of reprisals and distrust in the system to make citizens turn their gaze. In order to win this fear, the portal created by the association and presented last October 14th allows reporting in a confidential, completely anonymous and top security way thanks to the GlobaLeaks software, TOR browser and the HTTPS cryptography protocol.

As pointed out by TI Italia president Virginio Carnevali: “ALAC doesn't just represent an innovative and efficient tool, but a true systematic change in the fight against corruption: with our support the citizen can play a leading role in the opposition to corruption by bringing to light not only past offences but mainly preventing them to be reiterated”.

The new platform is a support and assistance service, not replacing the activity of the authorities put in charge for the fight against corruption, but rather supporting it: once citizens have reported on ALAC they're securely directed  to the most adequate authority for each single case. This assistance service is not only important for its effectiveness, but even more for the ability to involve common people, who need to recover lost trust in legality today more than ever.



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