SkyArte: a docu-reality with Pomilio Blumm

An innovative format, halfway between reality show and documentary, dedicated to the story of the young artists of the Mediterranean: the Director of SkyArte HD, Roberto Pisoni, has introduced the new project started with Pomilio Blumm at the ICS Rome

“Prejudices against both the television and commercial value of art are often superficial prejudices, perhaps fake": Roberto Pisoni, the director of the italian TV channel SkyArte HD, has no doubt about it. To support his theory, he tells all significant results in terms of revenues, achieved by his network after two years since the launch.

Speaker at the ICS Rome, which was focused on heritage communication this year, Pisoni has brought proof of the media appeal of art and the educational mission carried out by the network he directs, whose aim - he says - was since the beginning “the production of original and innovative contents alongside the international acquisitions.”

During the summit, Roberto Pisoni gave also anticipation about a new project started with Pomilio Blumm concerning the Blumm Prize: “Starting from next spring, we will realize a docu-reality to tell beautiful stories of the artists of the Mediterranean, at the end of which a final prize will be awarded. The desire - continues Pisoni - is, on the one hand, to show the reflections of the young contemporary talents on the current situation in the Mediterranean and, on the other, to connect them with an artistic-historical heritage that is heavy, but still vital and crucial."



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