Future Frames: Pomilio Blumm rewards contemporary photography

The first edition of the Blumm Prize Future Frames, the photography award promoted by Pomilio Blumm, gets to the heart of the competition: the jury is already at work to select the contest winners, who will be awarded on January 28th in the exclusive setting of the Italian Embassy in Brussels

Called to express the concept of belonging, the participants of the first edition of the Blumm Prize Future Frames (the photograpy award promoted by the agency Pomilio Blumm), have “developed” this topic from different points of view, looking for new expressive keys to complex themes such as the relationship between citizens and community, identity and territory.

There are much diversified works realized for the competition, whose winner will be awarded on January 28th at the Embassy of Italy in Brussels.

In “The Building of Love” Dionisis Moschonas tells a story of reception and solidarity coming from Greece, suffering from the economic crisis. Also Hadil al-Ramli witnesses a harsh social reality with the reportage “Who am I?” among the ruins of Palestine, wracked by a persisting conflict.

In “My home, my prison” French photographer Laetitia Vancon investigates the exhausting belonging dimension of being a clan member, while Mazen Jannoun explores the bond with one's own roots by gathering in a square metre those personal objects better representing 25 immigrants who live and work far from their land of origin.

Finally, in “Mars: dreams and schemes” Veronika Lukasova met the scientists, designers and astronauts from the European Space Agency to describe their sense of community.




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