Communicating science: the innovative formula of Sardinia

With an award dedicated to scientific divulgation and created for researchers, teachers and communicators, the Region of Sardinia is an interesting case of promotion of scientific and technological culture

From computer science and telematics to biotechnology, from energy to tourism, crafts and agriculture: in these and many other fields scientific research and technological innovation play a strategic role for further progress. Aware of the importance of research and innovation and the need to inform the general public about the results of scientific work, especially with regard to the benefits that this work brings in our everyday life, Sardegna Ricerche - Sardinian body for research and technological development – has launched the prize "Science for passion" that awards two money prizes, worth € 2,500 each, to the best projects in scientific divulgation carried out in the region.

The award involves the whole scientific community of Sardinia and is therefore an opportunity to praise those who are actually engaged in making science accessible and understandable, and thus to encourage teachers, researchers and all those working in this sector to pursue their activities of promoting scientific culture.

The projects, that may address the general public and schools and foresee the use of traditional methods or the new digital technologies, are now under review by the panel of experts, in view of the awards ceremony to be held at a special event dedicated to science and the relationship between creativity and innovation. The event will take part on October 3 and 4 at the Polaris Science and Technology Park in Pula.

With the award "Science for Passion", which is part of a wider program of activities for divulgation of scientific and technological culture promoted by the Region of Sardinia, it confirms the commitment to raising the level of scientific literacy and the involvement of wider public in debate on these issues.



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